Regarding Spring Election Tues., April 7, 2020

You can vote by absentee ballot in the clerks office by appointment until 5 pm April 3rd for the Spring Presidential Preference Election. Call 897-4288 or email to make an appointment. You may also request a ballot by mail via My Vote or WisVote. You will need your valid photo ID to vote absentee unless indefinately confined for health reasons. Ballots by mail must be recieved by the clerk no later than 5pm on April 7th to be counted. Or you can take your absentee ballot to the polls until 8pm on April 7th. Given the current covid-19 crisis voting by absentee ballot is a safer option to consider. If voting by mail make sure you allow enough time for the Post Office to get yopur ballot delivered to the clerk.

Attached are referendums you will find on your ballots to consider.  Stay well!!