Rock County Fair Housing Survey

ROCK COUNTY (March 8, 2019) In order to help create a more fair housing market, Rock County residents are being invited to complete surveys about their housing experiences. These surveys seek information about housing discrimination and other features of the local housing market that limit equal housing opportunity. 

 Fair housing surveys are available for (1) renters, (2) homeowners, (3) housing providers such as landlords, real estate professionals, and nonprofits; and (4) for those without housing.

The surveys, which are available in English and Spanish, are being conducted by Rock County, the Cities of Beloit and Janesville, and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council.The survey can be found online at:


Feedback from the surveys will inform a report called the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing, or AI. According to fair housing laws, people should have equal access to housing regardless of race, national origin, sex, disability, and other protected characteristics.

The AI will identify fair housing barriers and recommend strategies to eliminate them.  The US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires AIs from communities receiving federal housing funding.



About the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council:

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council is a private, nonprofit organization. MMFHC provides assistance to persons alleging unlawful housing and lending discrimination; outreach and education for housing consumers and providers; and technical assistance and support to community organizations, financial institutions and policymakers. Persons who feel they may have experienced illegal housing discrimination should call 1-877-647-FAIR (a toll-free statewide complaint intake line). For more information, visit